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Branding: Logos

Last Updated: May 05, 2016

Church Community Builder Logos

We're proud of our logo. It's a huge part of our brand! It needs to be treated with respect and always appear in tip-top shape. If you want to use it too, we've provided some files available for your download. Each file includes the correct amount of blank space around the logo. Please don't alter or change the logo in any way. This includes disproportional sizing, removing padding, changing colors, or placing over a competing or busy background. Use the light version of our logo in most cases.

Primary Logo

The primary logo is to be used in most circumstances. Proper padding should be maintained on all four sides of the logo.

Official Logo


Official Dark Logo


Secondary Logo

This logo is only to be used if the primary logo does not fit in the required space. Use proper padding on all four sides of the logo.

Secondary Logo


Secondary Logo


General Rules

Unaltered Logo

Perfect! Our logo is claustrophobic and doesn't like tight spaces. Here, it's the right size and color, with plenty of room to breathe.

Logo against busy background

We all love Where's Waldo, but our logo doesn't. It should never be placed over a busy or competing image. Stick with solid backgrounds instead.

Logo scaled unproportionally

Feeling artsy? That’s fine, but our logo doesn’t like playing dress up, so don’t add any filters, drop shadows, patterns, or colors to it. Leopard skin... really?

Logo with filter applied

Easy there, tiger! Our beautiful circles are now ugly ovals. The logo should never be stretched or squashed. Always scale proportionally.


If you need any logos or supporting graphics that aren't available on this page, please contact the Brand Experience Team.

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