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Privacy Settings

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2016

The Privacy Settings area allows you to determine whether your profile will be visible to everyone in the online community or only to church leadership. In addition, if you choose to be Listed, you may determine what information in your profile is visible to which set of people. To access your privacy settings, click Update privacy in the Actions area on the right side of your profile page.

Once on the Privacy Settings page, first determine whether you wish to be listed to the online community. Remember, an unlisted individual can only been seen by the church leadership, i.e., people who have been given additional administrative privileges for the software. We recommend that you choose Listed to help build a robust online community, but the decision is up to you.


If you choose Listed, the section containing privacy settings for different areas within your profile will be unlocked. You may select from the following four options:

  • Church Leadership Only: Fields with this setting can only be viewed by appropriate church leadership.
  • Friends Only: Fields with this setting can only be viewed by other people with a username and password who are on the person's My Friends list. Appropriate church leadership can view the information as well.
  • Friends & My Groups Members: Fields with this setting can be viewed by members of Members Interact groups the person is involved in, as well as other people with a username and password who are on the person's My Friends list and appropriate church leadership.
  • Everybody: Fields with this setting can be viewed by any Basic User who has a username and password to use the site.

Select your choices from the pulldown for each area of your profile. Once you have determined who will be able to view the information, click Save.

*Images above show the default settings for all new sites.

The Master Administrator and people to whom the Master Administrator has assigned System-wide Settings privileges are the only individuals who are allowed to view or make changes to the Privacy Defaults. The Master Administrator can set defaults for individual privacy settings and Limited Access User settings, which will be used when creating a new individual profile in your church's site. This allows the Master Admin to choose whether a newly added/created individual is a Limited Access User by default or not. Additionally, it gives the Master Admin control over all of the defaults for privacy levels for each new individual created.

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